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March 2011

May 31, 2012 12:20 PM

Hi. Iím Mary Ann, and Iím a supplement junkie.

Ten years ago I was browsing the bookstands in a local bookstore and stumbled upon ďThe Wrinkle CureĒ by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. I bought it. Unlike all the other books that I buy and never read (it would appear that simply buying books gives me an intellectual and literary rush), I actually read this one from cover to cover. It was all about the power of antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil. It was the beginning of my addiction.

As the assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale, Perricone explained how wrinkles were basically visible battle scars from renegade free radical damage caused by a combination of factors. These include the passage of time, stress, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight and pollution. Not a particularly great way to start since I was guilty of nearly every one of these at various stages in my life (I did go to Ole Miss after all).

To make a long story short, with the assistance of my new guru, I set out on a mission to correct the damage that I had inflicted on my skin over the years. I wanted to be like one of those women in the Oil of Olay commercials that used to say, ďIím 40 but no one has to know.Ē I became a voracious reader on the subject, and soon my thirst for knowledge extended beyond the topic of my skin.

I learned that blood pressure and cholesterol could be controlled naturally. Diabetes could be reversed. ADD and ADHD in kids could be regulated and often eliminated. In my mind I was on my way to finding a cure for cancer. I would read volumes on natural healing the way some would read the summerís most sizzling beach novel. I started sharing my newfound insight with my friends. One friend in particular dropped his cholesterol by 100 points using a very potent combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Fish oil became as important to me as the spirit of discovery was to NASA. Psoriasis or eczema? Fish oil. Joint pain? Fish oil. Alzheimerís? Fish oil.

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Iím pretty sure that if I could have figured a way to make a decent living doing it, I would have ventured into the business of sharing my natural remedy information with anyone willing to listen.

So here we are today having printed our first VIP Jackson Magazine Health and Wellness issue. As a member of the Bargain Book Bin ďHow to Become an Expert on AnythingĒ Club, I am thrilled to have witnessed the outpouring of support over the issue. Thankfully, Jackson is FULL of medical and health-care service providers and professionals that we can turn to when fish oil just wonít do.

Iíll be 45 this year. I take a fistful of supplements every day. Iím convinced Iím thwarting death. Truth be known, I need to exercise more. Maybe Iíll do the Marathon Makeover so I can become an expert on fitness too. Or, I could just buy the shoes and scratch it off my list altogether.

I hope that youíll be inspired by something in this monthís issue. Whatever you do, have a good attitude doing it. Being in a good frame of mind helps keep people healthy. Most importantly however, do everything with God at your side, peace in your heart and a kindness of spirit.

Thanks for picking up the March issue of VIP Jackson Magazine. Itís great having you as one of our readers. Enjoy!