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May 27, 2014 5:51 PM
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Advertising in VIP Jackson Magazine puts your business in front of thousands of influential and affluent consumers and enjoys a readership of almost 86,000 monthly. The Jackson area’s leaders in business, philanthropy, government, and society are avid readers of VIP Jackson Magazine and anxiously await each issue.

Distribution is done through newsstands located throughout the Greater Jackson area. Magazines are also distributed through a carrier partnership with the Clarion Ledger into affluent neighborhoods throughout the Metro. Many magazines are delivered to upscale retail locations, medical offices, car dealerships, salons, spas, and popular restaurants. When magazines are published, the racks are filled, and refilled often. We distribute 20,000 copies per month.

VIP Jackson Magazine boasts a 100% pick up rate in our rack locations. Both men and women will pick up 3, 4, 5, or more copies.

VIP Jackson Magazine's bound format is designed to accommodate the hundreds of photos that appear in each issue. Ads in VIP Jackson Magazine make an impact, are affordable, and get results.

If you want to know how many different types of people read VIP Jackson Magazine, just ask someone who has been on the cover.

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To purchase an annual subscription for VIP Jackson Magazine, please click the Add to Cart button below. A 1 YEAR Subscription is only $60.00. Your subscription will begin with the next available issue.

If you are not comfortable ordering via the Internet, please call or write to:

VIP Jackson Magazine
201 South Congress St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Phone: (601) 360-7242
Fax: (601) 366-2166

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